June 9, 2010

This just in! Undefined Librarian defined.

It's official: This week I began my first professional position as Assistant Librarian at the Foundation Center. I have finally been defined in my profession.

To any job seekers that might be reading this blog, I couldn't have done it without the following:

1) Networking
2) Perseverance and Positivity
3) Timing
4) Support

As suspected, networking was the number one thing that helped me find this job. As a result of my networking, I was familiar with the company when I applied for the job and they had already heard about me. This helped me get to the interview process, which ultimately aided in my getting hired. In short: Don't just sit on the couch/computer waiting for someone to find you. Get out there and get noticed.

Of course a lot of perseverance and positivity is necessary when seeking a job; especially in this economy. "This too shall pass", but while waiting for it to pass, stay positive. Nothing is permanent and a degree of tenacity is necessary to survive job seeking in this economy.

Although timing is unreliable and unpredictable it is everything. I should also make a note to mention that I was just about to give up completely when this opportunity came along. Of course I wasted no time when applying for the job as that was the only element of timing I had any control over.

Finally, I had an amazing support system. Great references, support from my friends and family, and an interim position outside of my field to keep me going. I can not thank my support system enough.

So, there you have it. Over a year outside of school and I finally found a job. Never give up! Hopefully I will have more time to dedicate to this blog once I've found my footing in the new position. For now, I'm learning a lot and dedicating most of my free time to learning about the company and making sure I can contribute positively. My work is not done; it's only just begun.

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